Australian explosions

Q. And have you any belief as to the purpose which the authors had in mind in writing the Ern Malley poems?

A. They claimed to be hoaxing the members of a modernistic culturism.

Q. Don't you believe that Ern Malley's poems were never intended to be serious work at all?

A. I have no opinion on their intentions, I only worry about their content as poems.

Q. And you say that it doesn't matter if the significance is accidental or otherwise.

A. I don't know if the significance is accidental, I am concerned with the significance.

Q. A great number of people would regard the poems in Angry Penguins as being rubbish.

A. It all depends on what people regarded them, on the person.

Q. The majority of people in Australia would regard the poems as nothing but rubbish.

A. Yes, and Shakespeare.