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hot shit from Poland!!

Adam is a mighty fine poet and translator . His translations of Grzegorz Wroblewski, A Marzipan Factory, were just published by Otoliths. He has the touch with Wroblewski's translations into English. I dig it. No doubt, if read, many more will dig it!!! Tender elliptical Kafkaesque dramatic situations spun oh so well!!! witty, charming, slender, funny, surrreal, awe-filled, animals, the quotidian reframed and reframed again and again, space age, earth age, ghosts, narrative threads, elliptical strip teasing (did i already say that), razor sharp observations of the natural human world, birds, old age, fucking, not fucking, haunting, hunting, beyond the barbarian/classical divide, ahead of the time cause it's bloody smack dab OF the time not 10, 20, 30 years behind like majority of poetry and art, and so on . . . .

Marjorie Perloff claims it is the best book of poetry she has read in years!!!!

And Grzegorz is also a painter/visual artist. Version 1, one of his paintings, is the cover!!!

Check it:

A Marzipan Factory

Adam has some of his own poems in Cleaves (among many other places):

Adam Zdrodowski CLEAVES

And check out this interview with Adam and some of his poetry for 3AM magazine:

Adam Zdrodowski interview

Adam Zdrodowski poetry


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