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LATO 2010

what was the fate of the turtle gripping the talons of the eagle?
do you miss sauerkraut stew?
do you miss the bubbles of Polish beer?
before you fall asleep
chronicles spray against the white walls of
yon mind
a pensioner of the void
broccoli dust on the night sheets
to be like plums in an icebox
lazy PUG!
my family owned peaches and a dog named Lady
when you add up all the sunday
roasts I ate many a cow
what is the convenient truth?
my liver today requires a fresh bleeding
we’ve been tricked into saucey action
lately the booze has been scratching my eyelids
making tea in my underwear
something to eat to clear yr mind
something bad inside went away
can a vibration alter our ocular visions
don’t take the voices for silky gods
a kiss on yr molten eyes
the lure of mermaids
they are waiting in the ether to form
propogate only to die
and I grant you no wishes my pretty son
tell me what you wanna become
a union of mammals
a mammal republic
milk giving fiends


Lato lato swansea swansea
step o step o the music
blok switchey o na me
lato lato
switchey ah na nanny
swan che say
alle tato lato
switchey ah na me
na namey
Swansea Saaaaayyyyyy


do you have the urge to speak
of mud and marrow
my wallet is on the fire
summer esconced
a red deer sleeps
in yr marrow
water and rust between
the antlers
look for me
the cracked shells
of turtles provide
a pattern
plasma clocks &
metaphysical pain
humans are
how do you look
inside me
eyes cut in deer juice
gleaming a beat a real
because we are
or old
and the rose
is suffering from surprises
a dazed turtle
is still a turtle
before you fall asleep
switch off the remote!


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