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from the notebook

14 October 2010

all the mornings of the world
I'm saved
socks are holy
bee stings are not

my tongue has drunk
the lust of yr race

supreme lucidity: when the lights
die down

a camel ravishes
a goat

and in the encyclopedia of
yr brown eyes

I find

a no-moss mind
this is my Italian translation:

Easter is married
to Hades


I do love
your cheeks

I sit in the Piazza Unita
open to the sea
the fountains of four continents
an Italian rock
grinds out tunes
to the wind

I'm not frightened
I'm not frightened
of your lovebones
sweet hun luv etc.

bling bling
my margins
have shifted

don't get ______

this is the occult
caves of your music
I slept late &
late again
with an army
of insecurities


yr notori…

Prague Microfest 2010

The 2010 Prague Microfestival features readings, music and film screenings, with performances by Irish-American poet Marcus Slease, Berlin poets Donna Stonecipher & Alistair Noon, and Prague writers Hana Androniková, Holly Tavel, Thor Garcia, Ken Nash, Laura Conway, Louis Armand, Joshua Mensch, Stephan Delbos, Sara Quiroga Navarro... Films by Stephanie Barber, Bill Mousoulis, Abigail Child, Henry Hills... and more!

PROGRAMME (work-in-progress)
Saturday, 16 October, 19:00
Marcus Slease, Laura Conway, Alistair Noon, Sylva Fischerova
Shakespeare & Sons
U Lužického semináře 10

Sunday, 17 October, 19:00
Hana Androniková, Joshua Mensch
Café Sladkovsky
Sevastopolská 17

Monday, 18 October, 19:00
Marcus Slease, Sara Quiroga Navarro
Globe Bookstore
Pštrossova 6

Tuesday, 19 October, 19:00
Donna Stonecipher, Stephan Delbos
Shakespeare & Sons
U Lužického semináře 10

Wednesday, 20 October, 19:00
Holly Tavel, Louis Armand, Ken Nash, Travis Jeppesen
Films by Stephanie Barber, Abigail Child, Bill Mousoulis &…

new work in progress


when Joyce left here his Dublin
was complete

occult bread on a platter
in the inlet

I let out a yawl in 23 accents
and my past lives left me

what gets in
the eyes:

a saucer of light
ink smudge on the Victorian walls

my pigeons oh my pigeons
we hover over lost points
else hoover up the antics

we live
in an experimental theatre
for nerve fibres

good morning, mr marzipan, good morning
please wheeze me out
into the dogstar
with your nightslippers
with your lovebones


some dog yelps in the scooby doo cafe
and there is a smoking fiesta of housewives
a green and white sign advertises PAM
which rhymes with HAM
and this is where my Trieste
with proscuitto
and old aged cheese
and Pax
and Tata
and E
oh my electric beard
I've fingered yr lords
I'm still fingering yr lords


a newspaper soaked in blood
or oil
or glued
to a balloon
or fished
in vinegar

a hot water
bottle placed
under backs for a cold
Irish night


trieste 6 oct 2010

a newspaper soaked in blood
or oil
or glued
to a balloon
or fished
in vinegar

she got fired up
we got fed
he got listless chills
from the magnum opus

there is proof in the half note in the not quite
magic of another spoof