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Prague Microfest 2010

The 2010 Prague Microfestival features readings, music and film screenings, with performances by Irish-American poet Marcus Slease, Berlin poets Donna Stonecipher & Alistair Noon, and Prague writers Hana Androniková, Holly Tavel, Thor Garcia, Ken Nash, Laura Conway, Louis Armand, Joshua Mensch, Stephan Delbos, Sara Quiroga Navarro... Films by Stephanie Barber, Bill Mousoulis, Abigail Child, Henry Hills... and more!

PROGRAMME (work-in-progress)
Saturday, 16 October, 19:00
Marcus Slease, Laura Conway, Alistair Noon, Sylva Fischerova
Shakespeare & Sons
U Lužického semináře 10

Sunday, 17 October, 19:00
Hana Androniková, Joshua Mensch
Café Sladkovsky
Sevastopolská 17

Monday, 18 October, 19:00
Marcus Slease, Sara Quiroga Navarro
Globe Bookstore
Pštrossova 6

Tuesday, 19 October, 19:00
Donna Stonecipher, Stephan Delbos
Shakespeare & Sons
U Lužického semináře 10

Wednesday, 20 October, 19:00
Holly Tavel, Louis Armand, Ken Nash, Travis Jeppesen
Films by Stephanie Barber, Abigail Child, Bill Mousoulis & Henry Hills
Utopia Club
Bělehradská 45

Thursday, 21 October, 19:00
Marcus Slease, Thor Garcia
Anglo-American University Library
Letenská 1

All events are free and open to the public. Everyone welcome!

Supported by the Centre for Irish Studies at Charles University and the Irish Ministry of Forgeign Affairs, and VLAK Magazine (

*[For details and highlights of last year's Microfestival, go to]


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