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from primitive pianos (Elblag, Poland)

Whatever Buzzes the Brain
Sopot, Poland (August 17th 2009)
for Magda Bethge

this is the fish
this is the beer
this is the wooden table
these are the rollerblades
I snapped you
one-legged near
the lopsided house
this is the beach
feet dig deep
into sand
we used to meet
in a communist hotel
we bowled
we spirited
my hand is on your shoulder
my hand is in the frame
the wine on your birthday
the snow out the window
bus stops
and a warm fuzz
in the tummy
don't think of age
the temporary tick tock
the blood or whatever
buzzes the brain
or heart
or hormones
I misread my trains
soon the light will go
where are you oh
travel mates

from primitive pianos (Elblag, Poland)

September 2009. Elblag, Poland.

Cardinal Sundowns

thank you for coming
I wanted to say something
about the shadows
of St. Nicholas
that Roger spotted
while swallowing beats
from the beat machine
late in the evening
all the older women
in the grocery store
staring at phone credit
I have no idea why
I am happening
at the dinner party
I ate Polish Indian curry
my knees were reacquainted
with my palms
new waves came
with vulcan bird nuts
at the bread festival
I took a video
I found myself looking
for shiny skin
I am noxious
I am Specjal
let's play tosser
with the oops in yon skirt

from the notebook (Italian section of Primitive Pianos)


Trieste Train Station



Elisabetta statue
supplicants and muses
she has a perfect
plus two plucked breasts
bearded man beside her
in old age
but still sporting
a six pac
this is halfway
to December
and the light
fuck it
who cares about the light


these are collapsible sticks

where in the world
to watch
it go
it's not so bad
to feel my vision
out of focus
it's hard enough to live
slinging rocks
at the riptides
i offer you survival
shut up
if you're not nervous anymore
gonna take it down
to the wire
it ain't hard to hold
it's not so bad

flash memory:

we were love
in yr parked car
near a delicatessen
not far
from the Irish pub
without an inside

i've lost my zapikanka


Trieste, Doggie Park

I'm yr fa…

from the notebook (11th nov 2010)

how good it feels
to stuff
the cabbage
I've tattooed
a squint
of humour
below yr nipple

watch this space
my fingers
touch celestial
Concrete Pier (Trieste, Italy)

across from the Piazza Unita
on a metal mushroom
teenagers in shaggy
sit on a concrete
looking out over
light and ripples
bora gone quiet
a circle of blue lights from steady traffic
i write with neon
green pen
ipod shuffle spinning in my ear
this is dog heaven
my mouth is dry
I've no Italian
no major meltdowns
have metamorphosis
habit bad
I've forgotten the date
for thanks-
mornings serve nerves
this is the history
of punking poems into existence
ready to blow
into the empty spill
if you go ahead
and ask

cut moon, silvered
sick uhl
you're all
I've got
Dog Park (Trieste, Italy)

lattice wo…

Prague Microfest 2010

great time in Prague. What a city!!! Picked up some fab books and met some super cool folks. Louis Armand and David Vichnar, Holly Tavel, Jason Mashak, Richard Tippen, Ondrej Pilny, Joshua Mensch and others . . . .

good readings . . . some interesting film screenings . . . great walks around the city with Richard Tippen . . . he does some interesting work with found signs and removing one letter . . .among other things . . . talking of love . . . love lost . . . young love . . . and others . . .

the first issue of Vlak magazine is stellar!!!! Some good cross cultural and cross genre work . . . def work checkin out . . . Louis Armand is a man of many hands . . .

good community of writers, poets, and artists at the festival . . . yeah . . . super psyched to get down to reading new books and writing.

reading now:

Diane Wakoski's The Butcher's Apron

Kye by Lukas Tomin (this Czech novel is seriously seriously joyfully sadly amazing)

Memory Glyphs (3 prose poets from Romania: Radu And…