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slightly older (unfinished)

15 December 2010

under the salty moon
full on pizza
with salty dough
people commin
outta train station
with wheels
sunday returns
gone thicker
gone thinner
gone itchy
with winter
and doghairs
yr sentiments
are nice but not surprising
ideas are sand
in my bathing trunks
which i don't own
i was due to return
to Turkey but here
I am planning for London
i am that
perky little pug
barking at shadows
i am here
and have no proxy
hungry angry
winter blues
for fools
p is for press
cocky breeze
spikes my nipples
because changes
into something else
a supreme bark
nuthin always left
but everything
going up
going down
which floor
which paino
non parka Italiano
I'll tell you stories
of suspended animation
blues and cheap shampoo
awoke from dreams
take notes under headings

Turkish homophonics

gunay ik su jack . . . su jack larda . . . ye mes sek es del lay
jay hitch yamma yok
chok chu sick lay
cha shamba gun day
a vet var


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linkwheel said…
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