from Smashing Time! (2nd go)

Karavan Amigos

I’m crouching with the march of the penguins in a oversized parka
a world not yet dead
I am not the erection of a eunuch
the buts and the knaves
I’m dialing in and i don’t wanna say it
humba womba
dry coughs from the radiator
are you feeling fitty?
how this then methinks
somebody’s drunk my milk
I am not yet the harmony of submerged large birds
I am not yet the preamble of a leering mustache
I am not yet the baby-boom of sociopathetic innocence
it’s raining in London yeah big surprise
I wanna walk the parks with a brown bag and twenty rums
harder is a part of speech
here’s a dime now show me how to dance
I have an Oyster and i know how to use it