and now back to life!!!

now after a very intense month in London of nothing but almost mindless work my mind is coming round again. memories. Turkey. Italy. poland. nights of flickers and shadows. revising primitive pianos. lookin for a good poetry reading. will be reading at poetry cafe in covent garden in march with a bunch of other poets to celebrate the launch of the movie Howl in the UK. Should be interesting. Nice announcement today about a poetry reading in Oxford at a bookshop called Albion Beatnik. Nice name for a bookshop. Live jazz. poetry. Albion is the oldest name for England. oh white cliffs of Dover etc. Beatnik is the counter culture of the 50's in America. Yeah. God there needs to be some serious juice. So many youngish and young poets workin sooooo hard to connect communities and build bridges. small presses. labours of love. readings. mighty fine poets out here. Hope the energy explodes again. miss the Openned readings in London. Just gotta not let job stuff suck me dry. Must reconnect with poetry communities soon!!!