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from the notebook

Treetop Flyers

"not common speech / a dead level / but the uncommon speech of paradise /
tongue in which oracles/ speak to beggars and pilgrims."
-- Denise Levertov "A Common Ground"

"A language / excelling itself to be itself"
--Denise Levertov "A Common Ground"


the anti-poetic for the peeps
there's beauty
a drop kick
a tune or tone
ironic detached warm
compassionate love riddled
the academy is back
lets build another lemon
teaching English as a foreign


fine hairs on the white
toast crumbs and sperm stains and malt vinegar and curry
stain (small)

in a dream after a snowy Christmas
in London and eating
a £2 frozen dinner
he said goodbye
to former lovers
in Turkey in Poland in Korea
in a double-bedded room
overlooking the waves

In Wood Green he found
the pound shop

the fan from the old laptop was constant

the rain: stopped. Blue sky patches.

has he shit in
his nose

from the underground


from the fresh flowers

blowing out their fluff
to mate?

if you fail to talk
do you fail
to wake up?

the hypnotist all over
tricked people into taking
blank pieces
of paper for money


how to know or believe
we are more than machines


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