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smashing Time (in progress)

site specific . . . environment specific . . . time specific . . . music specific . . . and so on . . .

first take no revisions from notebook . . . 6.30PM-6.45PM . . . Tues 29th March . . .



I’ve got a little hill with little green men and green tanks
in the hills of Milton Keynes

a bottle of pop
a bumble bee

summer ’83

Peter Tooth is delightfully
(Jubilee Line. Wembley to Kings Cross)


the boy scouts of America
still smiling into gorge
way to dry lake
to blow off bottle rockets
with little red white blue flags

wee boy bat
in back-

santa on dash

2 galloons

of coca cola

hershey’s kiss
twinkling in moonlight

unwrap what you got

i’m itchy in eyelids


the lizards are still
in Vegas

man leans over
on tube
from Wembley to King’s Cross
as I write what woman
across said


ah cretins


such clarity come

help you
, the horrors ,


my scum is so so


I’m taking

my hat off

it’s almost a midsummer




on the…

revision from Primitive Pianos

might change previous manuscript title to Gypsy Moth instead of Primitive Pianos. Still thinking of titles.

Poems written in Spanish Fork, Ankara, Istanbul, Trieste, Elblag, London.

Revision in progress from Trieste section:


in heaven

there is television

I'm forever blowing 

bubbles bubbles

senora senora

I'm hung up on 

and love I'm there

in a thin white

what if getting old
no one
ever finds you?

I'm always in the tunnel

not older 
not younger

I'm tired of this 
but want

to give you 

senorita senorita

books for the week

Tube Readings (for week of 28th March)

Memorial Day (T. Berrigan and A. Waldman)

Giant Night (A. Waldman)

Transcendental Studies (K. Waldrop)

The Joe 82 Creation Poems (Rochelle Owens)

New Depths of Deadpan (Michael Gizzi)

New and Selected Padgett (R. Padgett)

The Collected Kenneth Koch (K. Koch)

prague microfest

it seems like a dream now. flying out of Trieste Italy to Prague to read at the Prague Microfest. Louis Armand. Stephen Delbos. Jason Mashak. Others. Ex-pats and poets and artists and Anglo American university.

So anyway. Yes I flew from Trieste to Prague. Stayed not far from the main square. Felt the energy from the poetry community in Prague and had some wild nights and some good readings and film screenings. Not big crowds but certainly a friendly bunch. And it reminded me why poetry matters. Or one of the reasons. Community.

So I had just moved from Anakara and was waiting in Trieste to hear about a uni teaching gig at METU. I waited for months for the paperwork and it never happened. And then it did. And I was torn cause I was tired of the traveling and wanted to reconnect to readings and get some stimulus from poetry community. So I chose to return to London at the last minute instead of Ankara.

And here I am. 35 pages into a new manuscript called Smashing Time! Which is much diffe…


so here i sit on a friday afternoon i got a view so that helps and the weather has changed into spring almost summer and i am flooded with all the memories of countries and people and it is getting crowded in my head plus there's the net with its endless streams of words information images and emails to catch up on and how many presses publish poetry now and how many books are of interest not that i am a gatekeeper of course but i want to see interesting things taking shape like they sometimes do in the indie music world i mean what is interesting anyway yes we know it is partly subjective but not completely i mean the advance guard in art is still around fully in the present and there are armies of imitators and how to know the real thing anyway if it is smack dab in the language of the tribes of the now in the now so here i sit

and there is a man in the park outside wandering among the paths and there are voices in other rooms i cannot see

i am feeling some authentic stirring insi…


link from friend Grzegorz Wroblewski . . . legendary Polish punk . .. waiting for a signal from "central"

copulating and happy

Joe Brainard's I Remember (in the post today)

finished on tube:

Great Ball of Fire (Ron Padgett)

Poetry State Forest (Bernadette Mayer)

How To Be Perfect( Ron Padgett)

Next week on tube:

Tulsa Kid (Ron Padgett)

I Remember (Joe Brainard)

today: acid reflux. Polish b-day party in Leicester Square, crowd immersion at British museum

friend Joe . .. just back from living in Portugal . . . bringing his blow up . . .

no fish and chips tonight

Looked at LOOT for place to live with Ewa . . if can keep job for decent amount of time . . . would be nice to have a place . . . a small one . . but a bit bigger than this small bedroom we share . . .


Ewa made some green tea . . . tea is the centre . .

back in the saddle

American surrealism . . .

zachary schomburg

I need to get my hands on some of his books . .. and Cathy Wagner's My New Job and Matthew Roher's books . .. haven't read Matthew Rohrer since 2005 when he came to Greensboro . . .

Just read Maureen Owen's Zombie Notes and loved it . . .

take the tube for over two hours every day for work.

Tube reading for this week:

Tulsa Kid by Ron Padgett

Great Balls of Fire by Ron Padgett

How to Be Perfect by Ron Padgett

Tarantula by Bob Dylan

Poetry State Forest by Bernadette Mayer

from Smashing Time (ms in progress)

S.B.’s Ghost Shit

soap me sock me I got a table at the rainbow room
big ship
approaching the dock
I’ve got you heavy in this London sunshine
Wood Green March 4th 2011
and an Indian at the table is really a hyena
that’s who I am
suppose has some facts around
yep! imaginary income! UGH!
well the crooks are out
spastic garage feedback blues
and look at these steeples
in the first degree
the devil won’t let me be

. . . to be cont . . . . . .