copulating and happy

Joe Brainard's I Remember (in the post today)

finished on tube:

Great Ball of Fire (Ron Padgett)

Poetry State Forest (Bernadette Mayer)

How To Be Perfect( Ron Padgett)

Next week on tube:

Tulsa Kid (Ron Padgett)

I Remember (Joe Brainard)

today: acid reflux. Polish b-day party in Leicester Square, crowd immersion at British museum

friend Joe . .. just back from living in Portugal . . . bringing his blow up . . .

no fish and chips tonight

Looked at LOOT for place to live with Ewa . . if can keep job for decent amount of time . . . would be nice to have a place . . . a small one . . but a bit bigger than this small bedroom we share . . .


Ewa made some green tea . . . tea is the centre . .

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