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from Smashing Time (revised)

on the third day I walked again to the rynek of Rybnik and met a girl who told me to come to the electricity plant and I asked her about poetry and she said Milosz and I said I know and she said that was all she knew plus someone named Szymborska and I said I know but I wanted the underground and she said she could show me the electricity by the lake and I could take a bike or bus and meet her brother who spoke English and all this more or less took two or three hours of hand gestures in the rynek of Rybnik

on the fourth day I rolled up my sleeves and went into the rynek of Rybnik and combed the place and ate at an Egyptian chain shop called Spinx and they gave me little bits of meat with three different sauces: hot, garlic, and another one I can’t remember and I went again to the discotech which was down down down in the basement in the underground like most Polish pubs and clubs and I saw all the flowers and some statues and I pulled out my camera in the rynek of Rybnik where they …

Tomas S. Butkus

Great reading series with interviews and poetry from European poets. Steven Fowler's Maintenant Series (if you didn't know).

This Lithuanian poet rocked it a few weeks ago at Rich Mix in east London and Europe house. Fab fab fab work.

Check out the interview and poems here:



On a Whalen and Koch kick

Friday night. A week drawing to a close. Indian stomach rumbles again from the buffet. Settling in with some ginger tea and reading some plays of Kenneth Koch collected in The Gold Standard. Leaning over bed in this small North London room to type on laptop which rests on a foldable chair.

Will return to Koch's play George Washington Crossing the Delaware very soon.

As we all know it is information overload. So much on the internet. Jacket 2. MFA programme grads. it is nice to hunker down with something like Kenneth Koch's collected and his plays. Focus attention.

Just ordered Philip Whalen's collected with parent's gift certificate for 37th birthday. Be here in a month or less. Whalen's and Koch and Padgett and Mayer are opening me up.

I am weighed by memories. So many lifetimes, identities, experiences, countries. I am finding writing as a way to let them go. See them as me and not me. That flickering between existing and not existing. In short, I am finding my…

in and out

what will and what won't go. Books are coming in again. All those hundreds upon hundred of books let go in North Carolina to travel the world.

On the way from parent's gift certificate:

Collected Poems of Philip Whalen

still reading collected poems of Kenneth Koch (the "short ones")

wondering about getting Joanne Kyger's collected poems.

These are huge books. Whalen and Kyger. "Zen cowboys" as Silliman likes to say.

Work work work. How much time is spent thinking of "the work." Whether writing or the day job etc. etc.

and somehow getting as close as possible to life itself. That membrane of language between. Sometimes in the way. Experience. That is what we crave. Why organized religion does not satisfy. Why anything doesn't. Including poetry. As it develops into rigor mortis. Keep it fluid. Life is fluid whether we like it or not.

is anything new? What I am typing as I am looking at the door to catch the tube for a 1 hr 20 min ride on the…

top dog!!!

best and most interesting literary journal . . perhaps . . . full stop . . .

with a new look . .. and layout . . . get your fill . . .

Jacket 2



SO IT GOES . . . .

cathy Wagner on blogtalk radio

books coming this week with the brown santa for 37th b-day:

1) The Sore Throat and other poems by Aaron Kunin

2) The Gold Standard a book of plays by Kenneth Koch

3) Pink and Hot Pink Habitat by Natalie Lyalin

4) My New Job by Cathy Wagner

interesting radio reading and talk with Cathy Wagner over here:

Cathy Wagner rocks!!!