in and out

what will and what won't go. Books are coming in again. All those hundreds upon hundred of books let go in North Carolina to travel the world.

On the way from parent's gift certificate:

Collected Poems of Philip Whalen

still reading collected poems of Kenneth Koch (the "short ones")

wondering about getting Joanne Kyger's collected poems.

These are huge books. Whalen and Kyger. "Zen cowboys" as Silliman likes to say.

Work work work. How much time is spent thinking of "the work." Whether writing or the day job etc. etc.

and somehow getting as close as possible to life itself. That membrane of language between. Sometimes in the way. Experience. That is what we crave. Why organized religion does not satisfy. Why anything doesn't. Including poetry. As it develops into rigor mortis. Keep it fluid. Life is fluid whether we like it or not.

is anything new? What I am typing as I am looking at the door to catch the tube for a 1 hr 20 min ride on the tube for work is NOT NEW.

I listen to zen lectures almost every night. Zencast. I want to get closer to life. To you.