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bored no longer

Jeff Hilson's In the Assarts (My fav Hilson yet!!!)

Tim Atkins Petrarch (from Barque Press) (my fav Atkins yet!!)

Hilson and Atkins Atkins and Hilson a cold drink of water in the desert of British poetry!!!

Kenneth Koch's poem "On Beauty"

Elffish Jon (the unassarts) . . . . from Linus Slug . . .

Now I remember why poetry matters!!!

Language lives!!!

More to come . . .


matborda said…
according to the distance between your last two posts, it was a 1-day-boredom :-)

but, actually, it is like that: boredom comes and goes, apparently without a specific cause... what is it? is it about bio-chemistry, may be? :)
postpran said…
ahhhh and what is nostalgia??? I feel it today for Turkey. A Turkey of the mind!!! :-)

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