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SZMATA - Kelner & Mikes - SHITASS (with lyrics)

now one of my favourite literary journals

great great magazine!! Picked up two issues last night at the x-ing the line reading of Vincent Katz and Barry Schwabsky. Great reading. Really terrific stuff.

All the greats in Vanitas. NY and beyond!!! Good critical and thematic stuff. Art and poetry. Good for the eyes and ears and all-around brain.

Feels nice in the hands as well.

One of the issues I picked up has poems and reflections and stills from films etc.

Will be my tube reading for a few weeks:

Marcus Slease reading at Maintenant Slovakia in east London 18th June 2011

The possibilities of life/art/community

Fun reading last night!!! Really super enjoyed it. Good to feel the enjoyment. The pleasures of poetry/language/community.

Really super happy to read from new work in the chapbook Balloons . .

I like Balloons . . .

I like the chapbook . . .

Ewa rocks!!!

the paper and string and smell of nail varnish on the cover . .

Did an exchange with Colin Herd and picked up his book

too ok:

and excellent magazine Anything Anymore Anywhere:


Really excited to dig in!!!

great conversations and gatherings . . .

great to meet so many fine folks . . .

great to see Jonty Tiplady with Balloons down his trousers . .

great to catch up with close friend Michael Zand . . .

ah the possibilities of language and beings . .

Big big big thank you to Steven Fowler for being one hella of a host and organising these readings and doing something really different and gutsy …

reading tonight in east london

i am reading tonight with nice mix of poets. If you are around, come on out!!!! Will read some short short poem plays inspired by mr kenneth koch :-)

Maintenant Slovakia in association with Literature across Frontiers & Arc Publications June Saturday 18th 2011 – 7pm – Entrance Free – The Rich Mix arts centre. London
Ivan Štrpka – Mila Haugova – Marcus Slease
Tamarin Norwood – Jonty Tiplady – Colin Herd 

Marcus Slease Chapbook Balloons (cover art Grzegorz Wroblewki. Made by Ewa))

gonna see this band next week in East London . . . yippie!!! Japanese Underground!!

an old post from 2005

26 MARCH 2005
still breathing A very intense dream the other night. don't know if any of you out there ever feels a bit of despair over becoming wormfood, but lately the cycle has been a bit on the downside. Hence a dream to release my anxiety.

Quite a few of friends in this one: Angie and Jake Decola, Ezra Plemmons, Fay Dacey, Adam and Melissa, Dan Albergotti, Tony Tost, and a lot of people with bits of people I know.

So we are all in an old house lining up to be executed by firing squad. The soliders tell us if we don't put up a fuss they will shoot us right in the head rather than riddling us with bullets (and more pain). I ask one soldier if he feels guilty about doing this and he says he's just doing his job. So we all line up (in a manner familiar to receiving the eucharist). Some old men are excited. One 92 yr. old man tells me he is ready to go with drama. He tells me he is from London and lived through World War Two and is tired of his body. So I watch all these peo…