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The possibilities of life/art/community

Fun reading last night!!! Really super enjoyed it. Good to feel the enjoyment. The pleasures of poetry/language/community.

Really super happy to read from new work in the chapbook Balloons . .

I like Balloons . . .

I like the chapbook . . .

Ewa rocks!!!

the paper and string and smell of nail varnish on the cover . .

Did an exchange with Colin Herd and picked up his book

too ok:

and excellent magazine Anything Anymore Anywhere:


Really excited to dig in!!!

great conversations and gatherings . . .

great to meet so many fine folks . . .

great to see Jonty Tiplady with Balloons down his trousers . .

great to catch up with close friend Michael Zand . . .

ah the possibilities of language and beings . .

Big big big thank you to Steven Fowler for being one hella of a host and organising these readings and doing something really different and gutsy for the London poetry world with his Maintenant reading series with European poets  . . .

exciting times in London!!!


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