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Hello Tiny Bird Brain launch

hello tiny bird brain
Poetry at the Soho Curzon
Wednesday August 31st 2011~ 7pm ~ Entrance free
Marcus Slease launches ‘hello tiny bird brain’
Wayne Clements launches ‘western philosophy’
collections published by Knives forks & Spoons press also readings by
Tim Atkins - Elizabeth Guthrie- Michael Zand
Linus Slug - Patrick Coyle & SJ Fowler

the Soho Curzon cinema, Mezzanine bar
99 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 5DY 0871 703 3988

in progress from Fractured Burps ms

The Robin Hood of the Isle of Dogs

(22 August 2011)

so here comes incunabula
on the itunes with a beat
and you are probably deep down inside a reptile with hairy pits
or else this is just a mind in meditation without tranquility
i’m thinking of fajitas and timed meats and how things
come to the table still steaming
Jonty Tiplady has a bonk and I have a bonk and Tim Atkins has a bonk
and Jeff Hilson is the robin hood of isle of dogs or used to be now he is
an isle of splushies fingering the coleslaw of my aching heart
so we know surrealism and we know how it feels to pare the fingernails
while watching the latest hit documentary on the BBC
while the rain moves into London and then out again
and this is your house so make use of it
and this is not the hot pants of hot mammas in the cheeryblossoms
of zen indie Japan
but it is where i want to go now that i am here
to Osaka’s swollen buildings with a sake for me and sake for you
and nuts in the bowls we call fingerfoods or complimentary

play translated into English by Grzegorz Wroblewski

we need many more plays of Grzegorz Wroblewski translated into English . . . please please . . . money . . relationships . .  happiness . . .  and of course the language here . . . works really well in English . . . great translation . . .

check it out  . . .

Turning Point:

first draft (for Smashing Time Manuscript)

Brief Bio
in sloppy joes in ear-muffs 
dropping coins for Dr. Pepper 
in the city of trailer parks 
in the jerks of god 
in a gumball machine 
in the Hamburger Helper 
in the nerf inside 
the unobstructed science of free donuts 
in Vallejo California  

a rock hurled from a car window 
the lack of snow oh 
on the way to Rancho 
camel trucking 
partially submerged birds 
a shooting in the aimless rivets 
in bio-gents in bio-gents 
pummeled into the museums 
of Joseph Smith 
of golden plates
where the highway 
jumbles into a shower 
of thee and thou 
of milk and eggs 
a.k.a. the unobstructed science 
of foreign things 

on the open grid 
on the edge 
where the nods of god 
are lunar rides 
like the trembling traffic 
of astrology 
watching my looting 
in the towns of dawn 
in the hawks of sleep 
in the dreams of fishtanks 
of Spanish causeways 
and vertigo dawns 

and I am an Amazonian mess 
in a mudskipper 
in a rusted can 
in the happy trails of squirrels 
in the gyrations of North Las Vegas sunlight 

I came this way 
and this is …

xing the line August 2011.m4v

low quality recording . . lispy voice . . . part one from Jeff Hilson and Sean Bonney's reading series X-ing the Line . .. read with the beguiling revenge poetics of Christie Ann Reynolds and the mind blowing mystical musings of Amy Evans . . part two (unrecorded) was a bit lighter with more recent mind bends . . .