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comarade project

fun time . . .

collaborations  . .. poetry comic with Tim Atkins . . .

lots of good stuff on the night . . .

a rapt audience . ..

off to Amsterdam

taking a 12 hour bus from London to Amsterdam. £30. Delayed summer holiday. Staying on a boat called the Gandalf. Free breakfast included. Never been to Amsterdam. Goin on the cheap. It was Amsterdam versus Bath. Tickets were the same price on the bus. Writing The Fertility Show. Will see what comes up with in Amsterdam. Maybe I am writing one big book split into smaller books.

post punk visual poetry coasters

zimZalla object 011 will be Deuter Kelner, a set of post-punk visual poetry coasters by Grzegorz Wroblewski. Each coaster measures 9cm x 9cm. Available individually or as a complete set of six. Ideal for the dining room, scullery or mead hall. Out and available to buy on 1st November.

Marcus Slease covers Musa McKim

Covers project . . . Musa Mckim

Grzegorz Wroblewski I will survive

Poetry Foundation dishonours the Chilean poet Raúl Zurita

A foundation for poetry???? NOPE! 

A dishonour to the works of the great poets it houses in its dead museum.

As Frances Kruk puts it so well. The Multi million dollar building of the Poetry Foundation is:

an homage to the glass temples of skyscraping capitalism. All of these spaces are gated and intolerant to the disobedient, the dreamer, the dissenter, the whistle-blower. Imagination and dignity are curbed or even forbidden. Rather than taking what a person might be objecting to into serious consideration (in this case, the PF’s corporatism, its lack of principles, and its contempt for the arts it claims to be home to), external punitive measures are employed to control the “offenders”.

Raúl Zurita  was the guest of honour at the Poetry Foundation when Stephanie Dunn was assaulted by the representatives of the Poetry Foundation (Chicago) and sent to jail for honouring the work of Chilean poet Raul Zurita.

The poetry foundation should be ashamed of their actions. Zurita expressed his suppo…

Jim Brodey's lost on larrabee


A couple days ago, at the arraignment hearing in Chicago for Stephanie Dunn, the poet and artist arrested at behest of Poetry Foundation a few weeks back for a performance-based protest at the PF Wine and Cheese Gala, an official representative of the Poetry Foundation called on the judge to send Dunn to Cook County Penitentiary until her trial nine days from now. The judge was about to do this (he said as much to the defendant), but a public defender who is otherwise unrelated to the case intervened and convinced the judge to let Dunn go until her trial date-- on condition that a guilty plea be entered. The terrified Stephanie agreed. Three days after Raul Zurita's reading at the Poetry Foundation, where six or seven activists of the Croatoan Poetic Cell peacefully hung banners (one of them praising Zurita and his old activist group CADA) and passed out leaflets calling for the charges against Dunn to be dropped (the cops were also called by the PF on these poets--they scampered a…

new publication: The Comarade Project

The Comarade Project. Collaborations between U.K. poets. My Collaboration is with one of my favourite all time poets: Tim Atkins. It's a poetry comic.

Available now. Here is the announcement:

Delighted to announce the latest limited edition chapbook from The Red Ceilings Press...Maintenant: the Camarade project featuring Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe; Patrick Coyle & Holly Pester; Sam Riviere & Jack Underwood; Sandeep Parmar & James Byrne; James Wilkes & Ghazal Mosadeq; Emily Critchley & Tamarin Norwood; Sean Bonney & Jeff Hilson; Marcus Slease & Tim Atkins. With an introduction by Steven Fowler. £5 inc P&P (UK)

get it 

hot hot hot here:

The Comarade Project

from Fractured Burps (in Progress)

I am One Hundred Times More A Pale Apple Dream breathing thru a wet sheet dry gooseberry white  pasta grapes on the nipples banging around my hands  my belly I mean love coco cola and the Mormons  santa awash in the seafront drips of beans with white cheese  a wave in this faraway town