interesting walls

Dodie Bellamy has a lithograph on the wall called
"Death of the Poet" by Fran Herndon.

she says:

"It is from the series she did for Jack Spicer's Homage to Creeley."


"It's been at the foot of the bed for years and I've spent so many hours vacantly staring at it, it's entered my blood."

Grzegorz Wroblewski's paintings are entering my blood.

It matters to have work that matters to stare at, on the wall.

I also have Tim Atkins on the wall. And Jeff Hilson+Tim Atkins collaboration. And a hand drawn cartoon from a friend named joe.

I want more on the wall. I haven't had my own wall for over seven years with all the world travels.

And now, here I am. In North London. In a flat. With walls of books as well. No where near the amount I had when I lived in North Carolina.

check out Dodie 's blog

Makes me wanna check out her Cunt Ups and Barf Manifesto. Fantastic titles.

hm . . .

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