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Pictures from Camarade II

me and Peter Jaeger at Camarade II. Photo by Alexander Kell. Special thanks to S.J. Fowler (Steven) for making it all happen!!

Open Ealing Poetry - Marcus Slease

last night  15th Feb 2012

Reading Wednesday 15th Feb in west London (Ealing)

The OPEN Ealing Arts Project (113 Uxbridge Rd, London W5) presents its firstOPEN poetry event on Wednesday 15 February 2012, which will comprise readings from guest poets plus an open-mic session.

 put together the line-up for this inaugural event - which OPEN aims to turn into a regular series - Christodoulos Makris,SJ Fowler,Marcus SleaseandCherry Smyth are reading. 

Start time is 8pm and admission is free.

Maintenant Camarade II: Lucy Harvest Clarke & Katerina Kashchavtseva

Maintenant Camarade II: Peter Jaeger & Marcus Slease

Me and Peter Jaeger. re-worked 1950's science fiction story complete with hymn

Maintenant Camarade II: Jeff Hilson & Philip Terry

fantastic late 70's songs!!!

Maintenant Camarade II: Tim Atkins ( a tribute to Stacy Doris)

dedication to Stacy Doris

Maintenant Camarade II: Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe

Camarade II videos

fantastic night last night!!! Rich Mix in east London. In the heart of hipsterdom!

Collaboration of U.K. poets!!!!

Some samples above!!!

Special thanks to Steven Fowler!!! Fab poet plus event organiser extraordinaire!!!

windmill reading.MOV

reading at The Windmill. Brixton. London. 4th Feb 2012.

More than TWO choices!!! Neither U.S. terrorism nor Islamic Terrorism

No War, No Economic Sanction, No Nukes, No Islamic Republic - NOT A WORD LESS!
The war propaganda of the West/Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is all over the map. People in the West rightly want to do something about it. In order to take the right position, a short analysis of the situation is necessary.  "At one pole, there stands the most enormous machinery of state terrorism and international intimidation and blackmail. This camp includes the American government and ruling elite, the only force, which has used nuclear bombs against people, reducing hundreds of thousands of innocent and unsuspecting people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into ashes within seconds. A state that slaughtered millions in Vietnam and razed and ruined their country for many years by chemical bombardments. It includes NATO and coalitions of Western governments who from Iraq to Yugoslavia, have destroyed people’s homes, schools and hospitals and have taken ransom the bread and medicine of million…