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Tim Van Dyke's "Light on the Lion's Face"

The poems in Tim Van Dyke's “Light on the Lion's Face” are composed in conjunction with Jean Baudrillard's book, “Seduction”, often using fragments from the text as architecture for the poems. The other two architectural concepts are the Shivite myth of Kīrttimukha (or "Face of Glory"), a story about a ravenous lion eating its own body, and the stylistic renderings and fragments of Aime Cesaire. Tim Van Dyke uses these three points of departure to fashion a new sensibility about the body, love, seduction, society, and the continued relevance of myth and ritual.

light on the lion's face

Maintenant Camarade III: Marcus Slease & Richard Barrett

reading this saturday in east London

come on out if you around. Some fun collaborations happenin . . it's The Camarade Project Edition 3. I am reading some collaborative work with Richard Barrett. Quite a line up!!!