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There is something happening

excerpt of one of my novellas in progress over at Metazen.

It starts with a mysterious snorting.

The horny toads are the suitors . . you just have to get past their horny exterior and then its clean sailings . .

Also got in the post today:

1) Light Boxes by Shane Jones:

(might get Daniel Fights a Hurricane as well:daniel fights a hurricane)

2) Airplane Food by Gabby Gabby

3) Lost in Cat Brain Land by Cameron Pierce

Can't wait to dig in!!!!

Nouns of Assemblage

Nouns of Assemblage from Housefire Books arrived in the post today and I am a very happy fella. Been reading it on the tube. I kind of gave up on fiction after finishing my BA in English. But here it is. Fresh for me again.

All the best of kick ass poetry and fiction and the absurd and bizarro and the more than real surrealism etc. etc.

Also ordering some of the books from the authors included in Nouns of Assemblage. Just ordered Lost in Cat Brain Land by Cameron Pierce. Also going to order A Cloth House by Joseph Riippi.

Grab a copy . .  and wake up!

what gets translated???

from Heriberto Yépez  for his weekly column at the Mexico City magazine Laberinto (translated from Spanish by the poet Guillermo Para):

"Generally, unsubmissive foreigners are not translated and instead marketable or functional foreigners are chosen. We translate what is exemplary. What serves as an example of something we want to make visible in our own culture."

This very true. A good example of this, I think, is Seamus Heaney. Widely translated as a poet that exemplifies and conforms to notions of Irishness from 19th century etc. etc.  The same could be said for awards (noble prizes, pulizer prizes). The awarding of awards to safe literature is especially true on this small provincial island. But There are very rare notable exceptions to this. But most of the best and brightest and most interesting fiction and poetry is not translated or give awards.

So you have to look. Dig. And that's OK. The same often goes for the most interesting music and so on.

And there are n…

get your NAP . .

i am thinking of little furry animals on hovering aircrafts gliding through trees . .

i am thinking of sincerity versus authenticity

and prefer authenticity

or authenticity as main dish

and sincerity as an afterburp

I am thinking of e-books and how to make the most of my new wok

while reading all these kick ass e-books over at NAP:

Garance Louis & SJ Fowler - meditations on scent

when you point your finger guess who it's pointing back to

guess everyone needs to take a turn . . Department Books has some interesting stuff on the island . . onedit was the best magazine I have seen from the island . .  and Mendoza is putting together a nice book of poems for a reading this week . . poems for Sonic Youth . . and that's good . . very good . . and Steven Fowler kicked it up a notch . . a big notch . . and the Openned series . .now sadly gone . .  and of course xing the line . . the main reading series in London for anything remotely interesting . . . I guess I am just wondering why London seems to lag behind virtually all mega cities for indie publishing and music . . maybe I am wrong . . maybe I just haven't looked hard enough .. .  of course there is plenty of interesting things to write with or about . . plenty of that . . and some good peeps .  some great peeps. . . maybe things get gentrified ultra fast here . . east London is a stale stale stale centre of hipsters and unimaginative artists and writers and polit…

lovin the new Amling Crush

Very very few places I go for consistently interesting kick ass poetry . . . Poor Claudia is one of them . .  check out the latest Amling Crush . . . diggin this Amling . . but right now I am on a loop with "Self Satisfied Vanity" . .

What is it with Portland. For fiction, poetry, indie music and publishing. Bizarro fiction etc. etc. It's the new mecca. Forget new NY! And def forget London! Been searching and searching in London for anything close to the energy of the indie presses and music of Portland . .  coming up dry . .. there are a handful of poets on this tiny island with kick ass poetry . . and those handful are writing as great as any kick ass poetry in the big old lands of the USA and Berlin . . but as a whole . . . the energy . . the playfulness . . . sterility is the order of the day in London . . .  in fiction too . . the booker prize . . the orange prize . .. the yellow prize . . . the blue prize . . the costa coffee prize . . . stale stale stale stale sta…

Gabby gabby, Diana Salier, Tao Lin and cognitive behavioral therapy for all . .

Enjoying some of the poems and videos of Gabby Gabby. Just ordered her Airplane Food from NAP:

Reading Tao Lin's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well.

And Diana Salier's Letters from Robots

Both highly recommended. I am hoping Gabby Gabby's Airplane Food will be fab fab as well. Liked what I read at 3:AM and her videos and such:

poems in 3AM:
Video poems and links and such over at her webpage:

Seeing connections between them. And the films of Miranda July. A shared aesthetic. Of course all very different artists, writers, poets  as well.

Very spare minimalism. Powerful for me emotionally because of the over-saturation and manipulation of emotions via advertising/media/film/realist novels etc.

A hyper-realism sometimes . . perhaps . .  and therefore surreal . . a new surrealism framed by current conditi…

Sneer - No Recent Activity

some statements against mother nature . . ah Herzog . .thank you Joe Sacksteder

I am a new born babe again . .

For the past three months or so I have looking at/for innovative fiction. And writing it.  Especially hybrid fiction. Somewhere between poetry and prose. And so far my favourites have been Mud Luscious Press (esp their imprint Nephew) and Fugue State Press. I found Fugue State Press this morning and ordered two books but I want everything in their catalog. Simply amazing!!! So happy. Another world has opened up for my writing. Writing as possibility.

check out Fugue State Press and buy everything everything everything. The work is unlike anything I have ever read. I am a new born babe again. YES!!

(pic from the legendary record label Fugue State:

Brian Evenson on Experimental Writing

Nice clear headed interview here with fiction writer Brian Evenson. Makes me wanna get one of his books. I am working through my mind/body split. Working through this delusion via writing.

Fun and greatness abound . .

A nap is a nap and I love a good nap

I am off to take a nap with my terrifying angels with many headed friends . . .

Hobart gives me hope

This is a one stop shop for some mighty fine reads. It gives me hope for the move from print to web reading. At some point I may even get one of those portable devices . . although I will still read print . . I think . .  forever and ever . . but maybe not . .
check out Hobart  . . it will be one of my daily stops . . . on my web travels . . . from now on . .
Hobart magazine and SF/LD Books

Matt Bauer's EP coming soon

some mighty fine flash fiction/prose poetry chaps

Horsebladder live at the beach house in a dream

Lady Liberty by Monica Drake

terrific political allegory over here . .. America as a naive female in love with power and the idea of a dictator ..  really interesting story:

ugly mouth by David Tomaloff

Housefire lights my fire . . over and over and over again . . check out Ugly Mouth:

ugly mouth

(painting by one mr michael j trull)

my flash fiction "Białooka" now featured at Metazen

Do you know Białooka? A Polish fairy tale. With a nod to Camus. Come meet her over here at Metazen:

THE END OF TIME (flash fiction by Brian S. Ellis)

"Darkness will become a straight line, even if you don’t intend it to."

check out "The End of Time." A flash fiction over at Housefire Magazine:

"The End of Time" by Brian S. Ellis

Rachael Katz at Jellyfish

check out Boogaloo

at Jellyfish