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Today I Wrote Nothing

Mu (so) Dream (Window) in Manchester

hook flesh angel freezers

the latest story by the Italian underground of bizarro Crugi Smear:

melissa broder interview

Om Shanti . . I have no fuckin clue . .

superb interview with Melissa Broder . .

and parents too . .

House Call 1936 by Dani Sandal

Leather wombs, payments of lamb shanks, still births . .

Dani Sandal plus Kathy Acker plus William Burroughs plus plus plus

House Call: 1936 Beneath naked bulb hung from twisted cord, a black-bagged surgeon stoops to stroke porch dog dozing on bloodied bone. Inside his leather womb, steel instruments, useless as dried teats of this fat-bellied bitch, still smell of vinegar. His sway-back nag waits, an empty cradle, stayed atop prairie plane. Payment of lamb shank, tucked tight in coat sleeve; its sacrificed skull buried deep behind slaughter house. He has soaked the woman's sorrow with ether-drenched rags now burning in fires of cedar bough as smoke slinks from stone flue like drunken angels toward heaven's floor. Barren moon hovers, blue as stillbirth, this quiet night.

(first appeared in Puerto Del Sol Winter 2013:


“Those who are truly contemporary,” Giorgio Agamben writes, “who truly belong to their time,
are those who neither perfectly coincide with it nor adjust themselves to its demands. … To
perceive, in the darkness of the present, this light that strives to reach us but cannot—this is what
it means to be contemporary.”

Giant Steps by Jason Koo

Been thinking about ego. About an ego hiding behind an ego. About how the folks at the various Zen centers of America have said that people who practice a lot of Zen have STRONGER PERSONALITY not less via meditation.  And thinking of Philip Whalen who certainly had a lot of personality. A lot of ump. And he was a Zen priest. And a great poet. 

Here in the UK self promotion (direct self promotion) is very frowned on. Indirect/passive self promotion is better. At least from what I have seen.
No one should push their books. Their products. It should just happen. Magically. 
The magic is indirect ego boosting via being in the right circles. 
Maybe it is the same in the U.S. sometimes as well. 
What the hell is self promotion anyway?
Promotion of the self. HA! What a funny concept.
What self? What is being? What is being promoted?
Are poets supposed to act like they don't have an ego? 
Flarf poetry has ego. It has ego and blows it up so big it pops and everyone dances in the popped ego…

Brandon Shimoda The Grave on the Wall

The latest Crush from Poor Claudia:

"TWOyears agoBrandon Shimodaspent a winter sequestered in a backwoods, Maine cabin with the poet Dot Devota, reading first-hand accounts by survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Composed on notebook paper taken from an elementary school,The Grave on the Walltransfuses the language of witness account into the poetic process, running genocide on a loop jacked into an echo pedal. A mirror of Brandon's experience absorbing the accounts of the hibakusha, it's also a mirror of our own experience, as readers and humans, clicking through the vast ugly—whether the tsunami in Japan, sectarian atrocities in Central Asia, or mass shootings in the United States."

check it out:

Luna Miguel's Rough Rider

Europe poisoned by balloons./ It is a virus that spreads / And makes us animals. / It resembles the galaxy.

read the poem over here at Housefire Books:

Robert Duncan Gray

Moby Dick plus The Flintstones



Thank you Tin House & Matthew Dickman

A huge thanks to Matthew Dickman (poetry editor of Tin House) for kind words about Mu (Dream) So (Window):