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My first book of fiction now available from Deathless Press. 

It's a Polish postmodern fairy tale.

"The House of Zabka" by Marcus Slease

A Polish folk tale meets Kurt Vonnegut's surreal science fiction. A visionary, oracular original fairy tale that follows a butcher's daughter to the deepest, darkest, strangest depths of the forest. A playful walk with a sausage-dog companion past sex shops and donuts, including a plastic dragon that will breathe fire if you text message it. 

Each chapbook is roughly 4.25" x 5.5", handmade in a limited edition of 60. Stapled with handmade endpapers. Endpapers for "The House of Zabka" are marbled metallic multicolored Nepalese Lokta papers.

$6 plus $2 for shipping in U.S.
£3.96 plus £1.98 for shipping in U.K. etc.

Limited edition here:


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