watermelon island chapter seventy


- What is this prince? (asked Sleepy Eyes)

- He’s the one I am supposed to marry. (said Lucy)

- Is that what you want?

- I don’t know. (said Lucy looking directly into the eyes of Sleepy Eyes)

- I want you do something for me Lucy.

- OK.

- I want you to tell me what light means to you.

- OK.

- So tell me.

- Light is. Cracked.

- Cracked?

- There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

- Hm. That’s very good Lucy. Are you feeling spiritual Lucy?

- Spiritual?

- Yes. Do you feel holy. In touch with the divine?

- Divine?

- Do you feel at one with everything?

- Sort of.

- Good.

-  Do you feel sick Lucy? Do you feel full? So full of the holy you want to stick you fingers down your throat and puke?

There was a pause while the suggestion registered. Then Lucy walked toward the corner of the room and stuck her fingers down her throat.

- Good Lucy. Very good.

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