In downtown Katowice, on Mariacka Street, we met a woman on stilts. We were in a pub called Kato. Kato had well designed street art inside its plywood walls. It was a make-shift pub.

I drank my cold yellow beer. It was very fizzy and sweet and I held it by the handle. The Polish ladies around me drank their beer with long blue straws. Some of them had a thick sweet syrup added to their beer. In other words, the men were men. And the women were women. Mostly.

After my beer we went inside the plywood pub and I saw a large mural. It was a make shift mural in a make shift pub. It said: bear with me. It was a big picture of a friendly bear.

The young woman on stilts walked by and everyone got out their smart phones. I don't have a smart phone but I have an ipod. It is only 5 megapixels but I took some pictures. Shortly after after the clicking of smart phones a gray bearded man walked by. He had about seven young people behind him. He yelled into his megaphone in Polish. In Polish he said: the image is the future. The image is a future. He said this many times and waved his arms like he was flying.

-- marcus slease

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