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Kaptin Kidd

What an advenchur sumhow we ended up with whiskee shots & mur beer fur qik stop pee brake on sum east lundun wet syde street & at the veree end veree strong 11% brew dog we wandurd around olde street lookin fur wild west dancin but no wilde west dancin the brew dog wuz not tastee but we mand it down and also cheezee chips helpt us holde the flaim that kick off with the pyrates reallee brought up the anchur for gud sailin well likt the georg we wur peaking at the georg all that chaucur & pickuld egg uh royal day today  I am sort uv zombee half my hed iz pots & panz & sumwun iz playin it with uh woodun spoon the island hopping advenchurz wuz all worth it


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This review really hit it for me. I recently read Maurice Scully's _Livelihood_ and Geofrey Squires _Untitled and Other Poems_ is on deck (I love that baseball term. It is baseball, right?)

I think this is from The Nortre Dame review, but I found it via goofle (I mean google).

Another Ireland: Part Two
Maurice Scully, The Basic Colours. Durham, UK: Pig Press, 1994.
Geoffrey Squires, Landscapes and Silences. Dublin: New Writers' Press, 1996.
Catherine Walsh, Idir Eatortha and Making Tents. London: Invisible Books, 1996.

By Robert Archambeau

I began the first half of this article (Notre Dame Review #4) by mentioning some of the limits to the legendary hospitality Ireland has shown to its poets. If you arrive in Ireland from any point of departure outside of Eastern Europe, you will indeed find a public far more willing than the one you left behind to grant poets the recognition all but the most ascetic secretly crave. However, this hospitality has never extended to Irish poets w…