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Happy to have my work with Lyrikline.

Amazing collection of poets in translation from all over the world:

The Nighttime Economy

My short reading at Rich Mix, East London last night. Part of the Nightime Economy exhibition:

A collaborative exhibition of photography and poetry exploring the often fractious energy and environment of Newport, Wales' nightclubs and pubs. Conceived and created in close collaboration between photographer Kate Mercer and poet & artist SJ Fowler, this exhibition will play off the complimentary possibilities for expressive abstraction in both visual and linguistic mediums, all centred around the complexity, energy and intensity of Newport on Friday and Saturday nights. A detailed description of how the project came to be, by Kate Mercer, can be found…with-s-j-fowler/ and an interview with Ben Glover of the Wales Arts Review, which explains further the exhibition and its process can be found
(photo by Kate Mercer)


Got some wee London story poems over at Public Pool with audio.

"Snug" and "Dinosaurs."

From manuscript Never Mind the Beasts:

Euromix: Drunk with Fire

The writer/performer Zarina Zabrisky's Euromix: Drunk with Fire. Brexit protest in London.

Over Here: