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Final day in London. Last minute charity shop runs and bag weight reshufflings. Then chill in North London with Chris Gutkind. North London is where London began for me over 7 years ago. By noon tomorrow we will be residents of Madrid. Airb&b for a while while hunting for flat to rent. Have to start all over. No plates, pans, bedsheets, yadda yadda. Gotta do the paper plates and find bargains at some kinda flea market. Should be much easier to survive in Madrid than London though. Some great friends and memories in London. London is the second longest place I have ever lived. Utah beats it by 1.5 years. So many places. But London is a tough tough tough tough city. Quality of life (e.g. renting a flat, quality of average food/veggies etc.) maybe one of the lowest in Europe for average folks. Poland has much higher standard of living for lower middle class folks. Think Spain too. London good if you have won the birth lottery or have good streams of money. Work full time for seven ye…