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My review of Grzegorz Wroblewski's book of poems, Zero Visibility, is up at the terrific Empty Mirror:


From my novel Another Kind of Mission. Finally hope to complete it after seven years by the end of this summer. Maybe. Mormonism (The Church of Joe), Frackland (America). Joe City (Salt Lake City). Lots and lots of layers.
Here is the synopsis of the novel in progress (probably): While trying to become a good Fracklander, JJ learns the way of the ninja, memorises Frackland presidents from a gumball machine, eats endless hamburger helper in a trailer park, all the while listening for the whispers of the Yloh Tsohg. Halfway through his Joe mission, at age 20, JJ has a breakdown and returns home early. While working at a used bookstore with some retired nuns, JJ is inspired to reinvent himself. With the help of his imaginary friends Lucy and Anthony, he wanders Frackland on a shamanic journey in search of a new vision. He is pursued by a secret organisation, led by a Didi and a man with craters, who tries to fix JJ with The Treatment. Meanwhile, a mysterious grey man keeps visiting JJ wi…