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From my cosmic book, The Spirit of the Bathtub, coming very soon.

The Spirit of the Bathtub is somewhere between the absurdism of Richard Brautigan and the low-fi pop reality of Ariel Pink.

Experience surreal tales from the bathtubs of South Korea, Utah, Turkey, Italy, Poland, and London. Vibration therapy with Spirit monkeys. Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. The emotional weights are shifting. Dancing and acrobatics in the multi-verse. It is an expansive big bath person. It is the miracle that dissolves in the bathtub like a lump of sugar. Welcome to the lesser lights of the bardo. In the milky clouds of the bathtub you will never be sober. Hello my old friend. Tune in to signals from another universe. It looks just like this one.…bathtub.html


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