Emotion and intellect

I am wondering whether or not to buy the new Interpol?

Am also wondering about jobs for next year. Contract runs out.

Jobs jobs jobs. Agh.

Gotta watch some Godard. Also gotta figure out how to pronounce French words.

Took German in high school and college. Wish I knew four or five languages fluently. I wish I knew Latin inside and out. I wish I knew Adorno. I wish I knew Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche better than I do.

I wish I wish. And there's only so much time. Emotion and intellect not seperated but our culture thinks so. Anti-intellectualism is strong. Emotional intelligence is not considered.

Sometimes I feel anti-intellectual. Systems building upon systems. Complexity upon complexity and for what?

Other times I am excited to get lost in systems.

In high school, Rancho High School North Las Vegas, I would go to the library every Saturday and "read" for 6 or 7 hours. A stack of books on science, philosophy, math. I did not retain the meanings. I just liked the feel of the words in my mind/mouth.

I once had a friend named David who had a mechanical pencil. He was top of the class in the I.B. programme. The way he clicked that mechanical pencil made me want one. There is something about fetish and intelligence. Not sure what it is yet.

Bald intellects increase my desire to get rid of hair.

I feel like I imprison myself with words upon words until I just wanna bust out. Words like bricks and I am a little slidebar hitting the ball to break out. For every broken wall there's another one behind it.

War is horrible. redirect that energy. Not a choice between holding hands, singing cum by yah and slaughter. In between those worlds there's plenty of room for aggression. Denying aggression is not the answer.

Is anyone sick of sounding intelligent?

Is anyone else sick of not sounding intelligent?